Tehillah Monday

Experience it yourself...

Tehillah Monday is a unique expression of church in the city of Calgary, with over 40 churches and ministries represented in our worship gatherings. Each week is marked with speakers that are authentic and vulnerable, and with passionate worship that draws us to an intimate place with God. If you are looking for a place to experience God for yourself, Tehillah Monday is a place for you. Come expecting a new surge of God’s presence in a powerful way. 

Gathering Times

Mondays 6:30 pm - Awakening Pre-Service Prayer (Sanctuary) 
Mondays 7:00 pm - Tehillah Monday Worship Service (Every Monday. Except if the Monday falls on Christmas Day)
Location: Elbow Drive Campus of First Assembly [6031 Elbow Drive SW]

Awakening [Pre-Service] Prayer

Awakening Prayer happens from 6:30pm-7pm on Monday Nights. We take this time each week before the Tehillah Monday service to pray for the evening ahead as well as to cover the worship team and speakers. We also use this time to talk to God about His Kingdom… we pray for a release of that in our city, our nation and all around the globe… because we believe that prayer is the ignition that will light this world on fire. We invite you to come and pray with us for the people of Tehillah Monday, of Calgary, and for your generation.....


Summer: We will be having an open chapel for your kiddos to play around. There will be toys as well as the service projected through a screen. No supervision will be offered in the chapel so we ask that you stay in attendance with you kids. 

September - June: Childcare is available for ages 0-5 in our nursery from 7-9 pm.  Please have your child checked in prior to 7:30 pm.