Tehillah Leadership School

What is TLS?

Tehillah Leadership School is a Leadership course offered to Tehillah Youth Students in high school and recent high school graduates. At TLS, Students are taught the fundamentals of leadership from a ministry perspective, through biblical teaching, instructional teaching and the study of Leadership books. They are also given various opportunities to be the forefront leaders of Tehillah Youth to their peers, First Assembly and their community.


Monday nights: TLS students are required to commit to attending each Monday class (5:30 pm-7:00 pm) and Tehillah Monday (7:00-9:00).  Dinner will be provided.  Tehillah Monday is an excellent opportunity for students to go deeper with God as well as actively practice their leadership skills in the church.

TLS runs from September 2017 to May 2018.

Wednesday Nights

TLS students are required to attend and serve at our Wednesday night youth gathering.

Other Days/Times

Involvement in TM Junior on Sunday mornings (Elbow Drive or WestEdge) and other ministry opportunities may be scheduled on a rotating basis.  Also, TLS students should expect to attend one Friday a month (monthly Friday Night Live youth event).

Oversight and Teachers

is overseen by James Clarence and will include guest teachers: Sara Curdie (Missions Pastor), Claire Iffla (Executive Assistance), Chris Gorsky (Connections Coordinator), Cliff Newberry (Associate Pastor) and Tim Mason (Tehillah Movement Lead Pastor). 


The cost for a full-year of discipleship training classes, meals, and resources is $200. Missions trips are an additional cost (participation is highly encouraged and fundraising does occur). Typically, two missions trip occur (a short, local trip in the Fall and a further/overseas trip in the Spring). 


All students will have the opportunity to attend a Missions Trip during March Public and Catholic School board spring break! Location of the trip will be confirmed a few months into the course. 


Registration for TLS will open up in August 2017! Follow us on Social Media to stay up to date.