Tehillah Tweens

Starting on Sunday, January 15th all Grade 5, 6 & 7 students are invited to join Sunday morning squad time during our 9am and 11am services at the Elbow Drive campus. Squads are Tehillah Youth’s community groups and they are an amazing place for students to get connected, form relationships and grow in their walk with God. So how will Sunday mornings change for grade 5&6 students in 2017? Your child will no longer need to check into FA Kids Ministry on Sunday mornings. Instead, they can head straight to the sanctuary balcony on Sunday mornings where they will worship with their squad leaders and peers and then following worship they will head to the youth loft for squad time.

Tehillah Tweens will not we running this Summer. We'll be back on September 10, 2017! 

Pastor James and Karina Clarence 
(403) 695-1107